About Agile Communications Ltd.

Agile Communications Limited is a Brand Management Company committed to building brands across Sub-Saharan Africa. We specialize in strategic marketing communication services, brand activations and digital communications all designed to support organizations in creating a difference in their line of business. Call it a breath of fresh air...and you’re spot on.

Our Vision

To be the most sought after marketing communications agency in Nigeria and across West Africa.

Ownership & Belief

Agile is a fully Nigerian-owned Marketing Communications Services Agency. We believe that ideas must get consideration to Connect with consumers.

Our Brand Values

Our values and principles provide the foundation of our conduct as an organization as well as our relationship with stakeholders. These values include, but not limited to: INTEGRITY EXCELLENCE | TRANSPARENCY | DILIGENCE | POSITIVE ATTITUDE

Our Corporate Philosophy

A positive attitude must reflect in our relationship with our stakeholders. Our work must speak for itself and add value. Agile must be a place to work and have fun.

Who we are?

We at AGILE are dedicated to help make things happen with our team of trained professionals to guide you through the brand communications wilderness; let’s water your thoughts and help bring this to fruition; with amazing look and feel to truly create that beautiful experience; that endearing look and feel that make your consumers and other stakeholders proud to be associated with your enterprise.

Agile Team

Our team of young, dynamic marketing communications professionals.

Rufai is a senior brand communications & marketing professional with well-rounded client & agency experience in managing multi-million dollar brands. He brings over 20 years of diversified client portfolio & leadership skills as a manager of men and resources.

Rufai Ladipo

President / CEO

Prior to joining Agile, Idowu has championed several projects while working under different companies such as TBWA/ Concept Unit , Hole19 Group, CSA, Connect Marketing and Rock Thompson, not to mention the numerous clients that come with each appointment.

Idowu Thompson

Director & Head, Activations + Business

Starting her career as a creative Copywriter she progressed rapidly to Head Copywriter and Deputy Creative Director in SO&U Saatchi & Saatchi- a worldclass advertising agency with representation all across the world.

‘Kumbi Seweje

Director, Copy

Friday is a Mass Communications graduate of the University of Nigeria. A research and strategy executive to the core, Friday started his brand building career with Insight Communication as a research and strategic Planner.

Friday Erhabor

Head Creative / Consumer Intelligence

A young, versatile and dynamic go-getter, Lynda studied Mass Communication at the institute of Management and Technology Enugu after which she worked at NTA and Galaxy Television respectively as a presenter & producer.

Lynda Aguocha

Client Service

With over fifteen years’ experience working with top international brands in multichannel promotions. He was the Editor of one of the biggest magazines in SE Europe and a developer of award-winning content across all media including print, radio, television and web.

George Zarkadakis

Digital Media / Marketing Consultant

A great and insightful young mind with adept creative perspectives into various subject matters pertaining to both corporate and personal brand building. A team player, person of amiable personality, with knack for challenges and a great zeal for achievements.

Emmanuel Oparah

Visual + Creative

Our skills









Our Services



Most mainstream businesses have their operations spread widely, and are constantly working towards expansion. For company leaders, questions arise when making investment decisions especially when so much is in flux. So, how do you lead your organization through ambiguity to success? The solution requires executives to prioritize stability, resilience, and relationship management. Make your company prosper by maintaining and improving the quality and calibre of what you do. Decentralize your business so much so that the parts remain strong even if the whole faces risk. Maintain and improve the relationships your business depends on, by integrating them with your whole company. Developing these executive practices won’t shield you from crisis, but it will help ensure that when the dust settles, your company is not just standing, but moving forward.


Confronted by busier, more informed and more demanding customers on the one hand and increasing local and international competition on the other, the world of Marketing Communications can be a jungle of sorts. Many organizations are finding that their communication efforts are becoming less effective and most grapple with breaking into and/or retaining their relevance in the marketplace. We at AGILE are dedicated to help make things happen with our team of trained professionals to guide you through the brand communications wilderness; let’s water your vision and help bring this to fruition. We’ll help create an amazing look and feel that truly delivers that beautiful experience for consumers and other stakeholders.


Whenever a company designs a new product, service, or experience, it is essentially designing its business. If properly executed, a Business Design creates offerings that inspire organizations and excite customers. At Agile, we combine design thinking and traditional corporate strategies to help clients create avenues for market growth. By shifting focus from linear practices to brand infused design processes, we can shed light on new options and explore the various alternatives. Our designs are functional, interactive and transcend time. We implore you to enjoy the creative ride with us. A breath of fresh air is what we pitch and through this have been able to help clients design all the way to market, thus keeping consumers engaged, excited and involved. We look at innovation across industries to find inspiration and viable new patterns of thinking and representing our thoughts creatively.


So many of the world’s daily activities rely on technology so when it comes to designing digital experiences at Agile, we see no boundaries among platforms. Our team uses Web, mobile elements, and interactive media — whatever it takes — to develop innovative means for businesses to share, create, and communicate. We believe that every business has the potential to adapt, respond, and grow its digital solutions in ways that were never before possible. We help your company evolve quickly in order to become a platform leader in your market and explore digital options to the fullest for effective reach on products and services.


At Agile, we work closely with clients in every industry to articulate and express brand positions through every available touch point. Our interdisciplinary teams include industrial designers, engineers, business specialists, and communications and graphic designers who create multifaceted experiences that connect people to brands in harmonious, meaningful, and emotional ways. We call our integrated approach the “built brand,” and we’ve successfully applied it to a range of challenges, from consumer packaged goods and service models to retail spaces, to product platforms and promotional campaign development.


An effective brand transcends logos, advertising campaigns, and social media presence. Sure, images and messages are important, but the real power of a brand today lies in creating dynamic, meaningful relationships with customers that evolve over time. A successful brand engages in on-going dialogue with people that — through a compelling mix of seamlessly connected products, services, experiences, spaces, and digital interactions — fosters curiosity, trial, love, and loyalty. We believe that the ‘built brand’ represents the future for companies looking to grow, thrive, and influence others—whether they’re start-ups or established businesses. To this end, Agile’s creative team helps the client view brand building as an opportunity to innovate, and not just a media spend. Seeing the market through a built-brand lens can help any company turn the tricky task of brand into one of its greatest assets.


It’s a definition. It’s a distillation. It’s a differentiator. Yet, as important as it is, a brand does not stand alone without associated ambience. It is a grand sum of an infinite number of parts. That’s why at Agile, we create workspaces as the bridge that connects and integrates strategy, brand thought processes with design. We make this happen by telling the right story in the most appropriate and effective way through look and feel of your spaces. One part science, one part art—our approach is an extension of our unique human-cantered design process. We are here to guide you every step of the way.


We have a rich portfolio of works we have executed successfully for clients spanning different sectors.

A few of our clients

First Bank
Skye Bank
Space FM
Client 6

Faced with busier, more informed and more demanding customers on one hand and an increasing local and international competition on the other, the world of Marketing Communications can be a jungle out there with many organizations finding that their communication efforts are becoming less effective and are grappling with breaking into and furthermore retaining their relevance in the marketplace.
We at AGILE are dedicated to help make things happen!